Wednesday, February 22, 2012

BFly Presents 'Way Back When's Days' Family Vacations

Remember, back in the day, when families actually took family vacations every year?  The family vacation wasn’t likely to take place in some faraway, tropical locale or require flight tickets. Usually, the family vacation was a week-long visit to an auntie/uncle’s house a few hours away, a weekend holiday spent with friends or relatives or a series of day trips taken over summer vacation. Wherever the destination was, it was some place you looked forward to going with your siblings and parents.
Some of my favorite childhood memories are from family outings and vacations: namely the trips to the beach we used to take with my maternal grandparents and the movie dates, park outings and overnight visits to relatives my mother & stepfather took us on.  I’m glad my mother was like the paparazzi back then: she has hundreds of photos that instantly transport one back to a specific time & experience and provides a healthy dose of uplifting nostalgia.  Nowadays, I don’t hear many people talking about family vacations.  People are usually taking ‘Girls Gone Wild’ vacations with their girlfriends or ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ trips with their homies.  Personally, I’ve been on many (long & short) vacations with my sisters and friends but only a few that I would classify as a ‘family vacation.’ I’ve planned many family vacays in my head only to be superseded by some jaunt or adventure presented by one of the ladies. Now that my daughter is almost 22 years old, she is less likely to want to vacation with Mommy so I am now planning for trips with the gran’diva. She and I will be sure to make some grand memories to last a lifetime.
What are some of your fondest memories of family vacations, either as a child or with your own children?  Do you have any suggestions for family vacation destinations?