Friday, February 25, 2011


As I’ve mentioned before, I am often mistaken to be much (at least, 12-15 years) younger than my calendar age of 38 years, 2 months & 19 days.  I attribute it to my ‘baby face,’ soft voice and short height.  It’s funny though because, ever since I was a young girl, my close friends and family have teased me for ‘acting like an old lady.’  I’m often looked at as the mother figure, partly because I’m almost always the eldest (and most mature) one out of the crew and, admittedly, I’m bossy as hell….lol  When I’m with my sisters and friends, I feel like the ‘mother hen’ and behave like one, too (after all, SOMEbody has to keep order don’t they??).  So, it makes me feel good when people are shocked to learn that (a) I’m 38 years old, (b) I’m a mother of a 20 year old and, as of 1/10/11, (c) I’m a GRANDmother.  However, the reality is, my physical appearance is not in sync with the state of my physical health.

According to ‘THE REAL AGE TEST,’ which is a series of questions compiled by doctors and other health professionals, that measure how old your body ‘thinks’ you are, according to your health and self-care, I am 43.3 years old…..WTH?!  I’ve taken this kind of test, at least, 5 times in the last 10 years and every time, my ‘real age’ has been older than my calendar age.  I wish I could remember what the differences were, specifically, so I would have an idea of whether or not I’m closing the gap.  Overall, I feel better than I have in years past so hopefully, I am getting better.  In any case, today, my real age is 5 years older than my calendar age and I must swing that pendulum the other way so that my real age falls somewhere between 27-35…..which means I have work to do!   J

Take the test and find out, then
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