Friday, February 11, 2011

Grown 'n Sexy.....

Well, I did get that massage last night so my back feels much better. However, it was preceded by 2 cute mugs (app 24 oz total) of beer. 'Babe' & I had dinner together and since I did pretty good with my meal (Boston Market healthy choice - 440 calories total: quarter white meat /no skin, mixed garden veggies and red potatoes plain w/Glaceau Vitamin Zero XXX Water), I figured I could join him in having some beer. Drinking the beer didn't do major damage, but having it, in addition to eating more calories than I planned to in the past few days means I have to work extra hard at tonight’s workout session, especially if I plan to meet my goals as scheduled.

As I stated before, I’m on a 12 week work out plan, with goals set at 3-week intervals:

Current – 240 lbs (size 20), working out 3x/week with personal trainer

3 wks (March 5) – 225-230 lbs (size ??), add one aerobic activity to w/o schedule (dance, swim, etc.)

6wks (March 26) – 215 - 220lbs, (size ??), add one personal gym day to w/o schedule

9wks (April 16) - 200-205lbs, (size ??), add one mind/body activity (Yoga, pilates, etc.)

12wks (May 7) - 190-195 lbs, (size ??), add one personal gym day to w/o schedule

*Sizes may vary, according to weight AND inches lost

My ultimate goal is to reach 140-150 lbs (size ??). I know, at that weight, I’d still be considered to be ‘overweight,’ according to ‘official weight charts,’ but, that is where I think I’d be most comfortable. My frame is small (standing at just 5’1”) and I am considered to be a ‘petite person,’ but I do not want to be skinny. I’ve always had meat on my bones and curves on my body, even at my smallest size & weight. I like that look (for me). To be any smaller than 140 lbs would make me look child-like, and dare I say, sickly. I’m already mistaken to be in my early 20s and though it does feel good to be thought of as younger, I don’t like being viewed and treated as such. Therefore, I must maintain my grown along with my sexy.