Monday, January 9, 2012


Within the past few weeks, I've received compliments on my weight loss/changing body shape from a number of people.  The compliments were unexpected, which made me feel even better, because I hadn't realized my body changed in such a noticeable way. As I've said previously, I'm taking this weight-loss thing one day at a time. In fact, it's not even a 'weight-loss thing' anymore.  I've embarked upon a lifestyle change that requires me to take baby steps. It's the best way to go, for me. If the small changes are recognized and celebrated, they will likely grow into big changes. Although I had been cutting back on late-night eating and all-around drinking (soda, alcohol, juices, etc.), I was still surprised when my jeans started to feel loose. I was like, 'Whoa, wait a minute, what's going on?'  So, when people started saying, 'Girl, you look good,' or 'What have you been doing?' or 'Hey girl, I see you....keep up the good work!,' I was like, 'Huh?' Uhhhh, okaaayyyy' with a raised eyebrow.  But, the more people said it, the more I believed that the small changes were really translating into good progress.

My progress was further bolstered by the fact that, although, I haven't completely gone down a size, there are some items of clothing I can wear in the next size down.  It's funny because I didn't know this until my sister bought me a pair of pants and shirt in a size 1x for my birthday.  I tried it on without even looking at the size, assuming they were my 'normal' size (2x).  So, it was a pleasant surprise, when I took them off and removed the tags, to notice they were sized 1x....and fit perfectly!  I felt great because, not only have I been wearing a size 2x or 20 for the longest time but I was really on my way to a 3x, size 22 (and in fact, did own a few articles of clothing in that size).  After that, I said, okay, I won't weigh myself for a while because, I didn't believe I had lost any significant amount of weight (I just didn't see it) and I didn't want to be disappointed by the numbers on the scale.  I felt some changes in my body and other people noticed the changes so I was good with that.  Until this morning, when I finally weighed myself.

I like to weigh myself in the morning because there's no 'extra weight' on me, in the form of food or clothing.  So, as I brushed my teeth in my birthday suit, I eyed the scale and said, 'today is the day I will see what the scale has to say.'  Sometimes, while brushing my teeth, I'll see the scale and say I'm going to weigh myself but by the time I'm done brushing, I forget all about it.  This morning was no different.  It wasn't until after I was dressed that I realized I forgot to weigh myself.  Despite the fact that I was running a few minutes behind, I undressed and got on the scale. I really wanted to know the facts, today. Wearing just my underwear, I stepped on the scale and it read: 228 lbs. Woooooo!  Now, I know that sounds like a lot to most of  you and, in fact, it IS alot but for me, it's progress.  Last year, this time, I weighed 240 lbs.  In fact, up until last September, October, I weighed around 240 lbs.  So, to weigh 228 lbs today is great.  When I saw the number, I immediately thought, 'Okay, I got to keep pushing!  I'm under 230, now let's get under 220.' Furthermore, seeing that number made me soooooooooooo glad I was able to resist the urge to eat McDonald's last night. I hadn't eaten anything all day so when I saw the sign, I thought, 'Yup, that's dinner for tonight!' I drove into the parking lot and pulled over to the side to wait for my daughter to respond to my text, asking her if she wanted anything.  But, as I sat there and thought about it.....I knew I shouldn't do it.  Not only was it Sunday...and who eats McDonald's on a Sunday?!.....but it just didn't feel good.  So after reading a few Facebook statuses talking about what people were cooking for their families for Sunday dinner carefully thinking about it, I decided to go home and cook.  Not only did I save money and tons of calories by cooking my own dinner, but it was much tastier than McD's would have been AND there was enough left over for me to have for lunch today.  Then, to find out this morning that I've lost 12 lbs.?????  Yeah, McD's, I'll pass!

In fact, if my memory serves me correctly, I think I've lost the weight required of me to get the Lap-Band surgery (a decision I made a few months back).  Although, now I'm not so sure that I'm going to go through with it.  There are a few reasons why this is but that's fodder for another post.  In the meantime, I will continue making small but significant steps in my journey to a healthier, happier, lighter me!