Monday, January 30, 2012


I took a stroll down Facebook memory lane and found this 'Note' I posted, 3 years ago, giving 25 random facts about me.  Some things have changed (for the better) so here's an updated version:

ONE: I am the eldest child of my father's 10 children....8 sisters and one brother

TWO: I am the eldest child of my mother's 4 children....2 sisters and one brother

THREE: When I was pregnant with my child, I wanted my baby to be a girl who looked like her father, but with a mixture of his/my nose and sure enough, I have a daughter who looks like she's her Dad's twin but with the nose I 'designed for her...LOL

FOUR: I've had SERIOUS crushes on 3 guys that started in childhood and remain to this day! LOL Update: I have since reconnected with and (finally) gotten over all three of those sapsuckas! 

FIVE: At one time in my life, I was VERY judgmental of others.  Then, I found myself in the same situations that I had been particularly judgmental of. Nothing like an 'egg on my face' reality check!

SIX: I didn't know just how much I have in common with my cousin Shanell until I read her '25 RTFH&G' (I love you, Liz!)

SEVEN: I'm not as "nice" as people think I am...

EIGHT: One reason I only have one child is because I feared the next one wouldn't be as 'good'

NINE: Now, I want to have another child! : ) Update: God removed that desire from my  heart with the birth of my gran'diva (I love you, Shari!)

TEN: From the moment I laid eyes on my 'little' sister Nacoyia, back in '79, when my mother brought her home from the hospital, I thought she was the most beautiful and precious little girl in the world.  I still think of her and treat her as such to this day!

ELEVEN: My favorite snack to eat in the movie theater is Smartfood White Cheddar popcorn and Raisinets together

TWELVE: One of my biggest pet peeves is people smacking and slurping when drinking, eating or chewing gum.......UUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHH, I CAN'T TAKE IT!!!!!!

THIRTEEN: I love doing MySpace Bulletin Update: more Myspace activity for me (although my page still remains).

FOURTEEN: When we were kids, growing up on Sheridan Avenue together, I wanted to look, walk and talk like Amy McCarthy. In high school, it made my day when people would say we looked like sisters (yeah, Amy, you didn't know that didja girl?? lol).

FIFTEEN: I used to think being a 'Tarver' was the SHIT......and, no matter what 'they' say, I still think being a 'Tarver' is the SHIT!

SIXTEEN: In the months before my father died, I expressed to him that I was angry with him for cheating on my Mom and being a 'womanizer' and having so many kids (10) with so many different women (4)....and I never got the chance to make peace with him while he was alive and tell him that I DO still love him, that I forgive him, and that, although 'his kids' get on my nerves (LOL), I'm still playing the 'big sis role' he designated for me and I thank him and God for my siblings (and StepMama Peggy) because they have all been a blessing to me and I don't know WHAT I would do without them in my life!

SEVENTEEN: The two years I spent at ('corny, wack, small, boring ass - whatever u wanna call it) SUNY Morrisville were two of the best and most enlightening years of my life.

EIGHTEEN: I attended SUNY MORRISVILLE when my daughter was 3-4 years old, and she was on campus with me often. I have pictures of her all over the campus, with many of my college buddies and a favorite profesor of mine. Now, my daughter is a Mo'ville student and not much has changed...including the cups in the dining hall (which I have a pic of her drinking out of as a tot) and my fav professor who still teaches there!  Update: My daughter is no longer a student at SUNY Morrisville and they have since made some updates to the campus.

NINETEEN: I'm an 'old-fashioned' girl in the sense that I believe the man should the Head of the Household. Although I'm a 'control freak' in other areas of my life, the man for me MUST be capable and secure enough within himself to respectfully take the lead in our relationship. (This doesn't mean I'm a puppet so PLEASE DON'T get it twisted!)

TWENTY: In all of her 18.5 years, I don't believe I have ever whupped my daughter (yeah, I'm sure some of y'all might say...THAT'S her problem! LOL). She's been 'popped' and 'spanked' but never had a real ass-whuppiin from me. She's not perfect, but I think she turned out just fine! Update: My daughter is now 21.5 years old and I think I should given her at least 5 beatings in just within the past 3 years......haha

TWENTY-ONE: I haven't always been overweight, y' back when I was 85 lbs. lighter and considered 'thick', in my mind, I was just as big as I am now.......GO FIGURE!!!! (See, that's what people will do to you, if you're not secure within yourself)

TWENTY-TWO: I went to grad school for a year because (I thought) I wanted to be a teacher..... until I worked at KUDOS to Mrs. (Shameka) Brown-Johnson (she ain't no joke!). Mrs. Thomas, Ms. Karp (forgot her married name), Mr. Dudley and all the other teachers who are holdng it down at GMES....very special people, indeed!  Update: I am now seriously considering going back into the field of education....maybe even teaching.

TWENTY-THREE: The book 'Midnight: A Gangster Love Story' (by Sister Souljah) has changed me forever.......please pick up a copy and read it!  Update: There is now a sequel to this book (that I've yet to read) called, 'Midnight and The Meaning Of Love'

TWENTY-FOUR: I prefer younger men....and apparently,they prefer me as well, since 90% of the guys who holla are younger than me  Update: My mother told me this is my problem and I need to date older men and though I haven't experienced it yet, I'm thinking, she might be right!

TWENTY-FIVE: Last but not least, I truly believe in this statement about myself, "I MAY NOT BE PERFECT, BUT I'M DAMN NEAR CLOSE!"  Update: In my dreams!  However, I will say, I'm perfectly imperfect yet, perfect....for someone ;-)