Sunday, November 6, 2011

Baby, You Can Be My Motivation.....

As I think about the days, weeks and months ahead that it will take for me to get my health back in order, I remind myself how much the hard work and sacrifice will be worth it. Not only will I look, feel and be better but my overall quality of life will improve. Some of my interests will change, my abilities to accomplish goals I've set long ago will be restored, refreshed or renewed, shopping for clothes will no longer be a (physically and mentally) painful experience and getting housework and related chores done will no longer involve a 24-72 hour recovery period. All of these things should inspire me to put down the buffalo wings, get off my ass and move it move it  put into action the knowledge I've acquired on how to lose this weight....and they are definitely on my list.  But my main sources of motivation come from the people in my life.

I know (because I've tried & failed many times) that I cannot lose weight for another person, but there are those who can serve as the proverbial 'battery in my back.'  The ones who, when they come to mind, make me want to do and be better. My #1 human motivating factor is my dear A'shari. Waking up to my gran-diva every day, knowing that the times we'll share in the future will be greatly enhanced by my good bill of health, peace of mind and sunnier disposition makes me want to get up and get moving. The older she gets and the more she develops, my importance in her life becomes more obvious.  She is so precious and curious and deserving. I just can't imagine her going through life having to settle for memories and stories told to her about her grandmother. No, that just won't do. I have to be around to make great memories with her. I want to be, for her, what my grandmothers were for me: a constant, refreshing, welcoming and comforting presence. When her mommy gets on her nerves, she can call G'ammi.  If Mommy & Daddy can't/won't do it, G'ammi will.  If she needs a place to feel G'ammi's she can come. In Dr. Phil's words, I want to be my granddaughter's 'soft place to fall.'  For her, I will.  My #2 source of human motivation are my siblings. I have 7 fabulous sisters and 2 gorgeous brothers; and while I don't feel like my beauty is overshadowed by theirs, it sure as hell ain't packaged as nicely! My clothing choices are not as vast and though I do a great job of putting myself together, a pair of body-hugging jeans and a sexy, snug shirt on a 140lb body looks a helluva lot better than it does on a 240lb. body.  That's just fact and I have no problem with saying/admitting that.  My sisters are serious divas and, while a couple of them may have a few extra pounds here and there, I wouldn't say they have weight issues such as mine. They surely haven't let any fluctuations in their body weight/shape keep them from showing their asses get them down.  In fact, my baby sister, who went from about a size 9 to a 13 simply made the decision that she didn't wanna be 'fat' anymore and she biked, walked and ran her way back to a svelte shape......'Poof! Fat Be Gone!'  She is now about a size 7/8, looking and feeling great and I need to stand out in front of with her & the rest of the crew.  Anything less just won't do!

Baby, they are certainly my motivation!