Wednesday, October 12, 2011

(Press) IGNORE.....

Being morbidly obese overweight carries a certain stigma that is socially accepted by everyone the majority. Seemingly, if you are fat, you are a candidate for the death penalty unworthy and undeserving of real love, positive attention, good job, great friends, pretty clothes, shoes, wonderful gifts, etc.  And don't you even think about simple things like Respect and Consideration.  All of the things 'normal' people expect, strive for and receive are not 'for you, Fatty.'  

I went into a Best Buy store, some months ago, looking for cables that would allow me to connect my laptop to my television.  I had no idea what I needed so, after looking at what seemed like hundreds of different kinds cords and wires, I looked around for a sales associate.  A couple guys walked by but seemed to be helping other customers at the time.  So, I waited a few more minutes.  Then I began to realize that, yes they were helping other customers but other customers who had arrived after me!!  I was finally able to get the attention of one of the associates, who, after barely listening to what I needed help with, told me he'd 'be right back.'  Well, folks, I waited....and patiently waited.....and frickin waited some more.  After a good 15-20 minutes (yes I really did wait that long....or seemed to anyway), I went looking for someone else.  I finally found someone who did help me but even so, I left the store feeling......really bad.

Not bad as in, 'Oh, I'm such a worthless piece of fat crap,' but bad in the 'Damn, it's really like thaaaaaaaat???' kind of way.  I probably should have reported this guy.....but the truth is, it wasn't the first time I got the 'Fat Girl Ignore' and it wouldn't be the last.  And what was I gonna say anyway, 'Hey that guy blew me off because I'm fat?'  Sure, I could've said, 'I asked him for assistance and he left me hanging in the aisle,' but his response most likely would've been something along the lines of, 'I was busy helping another customer, ' or 'I got caught up in something else and forgot,' or 'I DID come back and couldn't find her,' blah blah blah.  Something tells me, had I gone to a manager to complain, they would have laughed about it after I left.

Have you ever been overtly discriminated against (in a store, at work, at the doctor's office, etc.) because of your weight?  If so, how did you handle it?  Do you think I should have done something different in that scenario?