Friday, October 14, 2011


I come from a huge family (that consists of maternal, paternal and step- members) and share close relationships with a lot of my relatives.  I'm especially close to my 9 siblings plus a few extra sista-friends (sf).  So, naturally, there's always 'something going on' and 'somewhere we must to go.'  God forbid, one of us claims we can't attend....all hell will break loose!  You better be on your deathbed (or something of that caliber) to miss out on any event deemed 'mandatory' by the sisters/sfs.  So what, if you're trying to stop drinking, so what if you're trying to eat healthier, so what if you're trying to lose weight.  You had better be there.....or else!  And of course, there will be (unhealthy) food & (alcoholic) beverages served at these functions so if you don't have self-control, too damn bad for you.  This is especially unsettling because there really isn't much of a break between these 'mandatory celebrations/gatherings.' When I try to think of one whole month where there is no one's birthday, anniversary or other milestone to celebrate, I can't.  In addition to official celebrations, not a week goes by when there is no suggestion by one of my siblings/sf/me to 'get together, have some drinks and get our gab on.'  NOT ONE.  And every weekend must be commemorated by the consumption of alcohol and one of the following: wings/pizza/chinese food/fish fry or some other form of fast/junk food.

As this weekend begins, I just shake my head because I know what I'm getting ready to get myself into.  I've already received the invite from my Sis to 'bmob and show up at her house by 9pm tonight.'  Tomorrow, we'll be celebrating my aunt's birthday, where there will be gallons of alcohol and tons of food (and loads of fun).  Sunday will likely be a 'man-down' day as I am sure I will need at least 24 hours to recuperate from the weekend.  I'm looking forward to the great times that lie ahead but I shake my head at the fact that this weekend will not serve as a step towards my goal.  In fact, no day or weekend spent with my family (in celebration mode) will bring me closer to my goal. It will only hold me back. That being said, I may have to (temporarily) cut my family ties in order to gain control of my health and develop/sustain healthy habits.  And they (I) will not be happy about that.  PRAY FOR ME!