Monday, February 10, 2014

Singles Awareness Day: UPDATE

Singles Awareness Day is another name for Valentine’s Day. The day when single people are made painfully (hence the acronym, s.a.d) aware of just how single they are(as if they weren't on any other day)I heard, then wrote, about this alternative name & my perspective on it, two years ago. At that time, I was single so, I wrote about celebrating Valentine's Day aka Singles Awareness Day, without romantic love. Two years later, I am still single and my perspective remains the same. 

I still believe that spending quality time with yourself, a cherished relative or friend or even a group of people you may not know (singles event, for example) can be an enjoyable way to celebrate Valentine's Day. I would love to be the woman whose man goes out of his way for, on Valentine's Day (or any other day), but I will not let the absence of a romantic partner ruin my day. There will be no hate shown nor shade thrown on those around me, who will be celebrating with and celebrated by a significant other on Valentine's Day. In fact, I'm looking forward to spreading a little love myself......