Friday, February 7, 2014

BFly's Ode to Black Men

Since February is unoffficially/officially (depending on who you ask) the month to celebrate Black History and the mystery called Love, I'm gonna SET IT OFF with this...

BFly's Ode to Black Men

The mystery and history of thee Beautiful Black Man
is what keeps him hot as fire
he's the subject of many roundtables
the object of many desires

His walk is sexy & unique
individually perfected
specifically tweaked
the tone of his voice and the twinkle in his eye
is what captures my attention
keeps me attuned to my guy

I love the way he smirks when he's on top of his game
and the way his ears perk up when I call his name
his love for his kids is beautiful to see
what's more beautiful is when he's standing beside me
being inside me, loving all sides of me
knowing and believing without me there's no he

The mystery and history of my beautiful Black Man
is that NO ONE on earth can do it like he can

HIStory has shown that his strength is incredible
with spirit unleashed, determination is incomparable
possibilities are endless despite any obstacles
what he puts his mind to my man can attain
despite the color of his skin, the letters in his name

What I love, most of all, is the status he brings
for he's not just a black man
he is a King
I love, I admire and sometimes I can't stand 
but I'd rather live with 
than without
my Black Man

Sameialika Tarver 2012