Friday, February 14, 2014


God's Gift

I am God's gift
to this bountiful earth
Prepared for the one
who recognizes my worth
The one who will see
he needs no one but me
For it is I who satisfies
his every need

I am God's gift
to this wonderful life
and one day, I will make
a most beautiful wife
For my king
who will know, from one look
in my eyes
It is me
he has waited for all of his life
the queen for his kingdom
the one he has yearned for
the one all of those hard lessons
he learned for

I am God's gift
for the only one who sees
that I was put on this earth
for him to cherish me
for me to cherish he
for us to become a we
As I am unto him
He will be unto me....
God's Gift

c. Sameialika Tarver, March 2007