Saturday, December 21, 2013

'Twas The Night Before Christmas: A Mistress' Tale

'Twas the night before Christmas, I felt like a fool
I had given away one of my most precious jewels
my heart was taken with lies and wet kisses
I was seduced into playing the role of his mistress

Our days were filled with mystery and hot passion
not thinking of his family or consequences of our actions
I told him I loved him, he told me he cared
he bought me gifts aplenty, deep secrets we shared

He spent nights at my house, most days I spent alone
staring out the window, listening for the phone
Upon his arrival, I'd run to the door
welcoming and delighted in being his whore

The night before Christmas, I heard a terrible noise
out on my front lawn were his wife and two boys
she screamed and she yelled, she wanted to fight
he ducked behind the door, trying to stay out of sight

She approached me and roared, "Bitch, get out of my way!
I came for my husband, with me he's gon stay!
'Get out here' she demanded, as she lunged for the door
 He came out from hiding and I knew she had scored

I looked at him, pleadingly as he looked away
straightened up his clothes and walked out
to my dismay
I stood there shocked in spite of what I already knew
he had a home and his family he was returning to

As he got in the car and drove off with his wife
I stood frozen as the pain cut like a knife
I shuddered as reality suddenly set in
I'll  be spending the holidays alone
once again

c. Sameialika Tarver 2005