Thursday, March 1, 2012


Today begins my ’90-Day BFly Kickoff’ as well as, my ’40 in 40 Bday Bucket List.’ My BBL hasn’t reached 40 things yet but I’m sure it will, in due time. As of now, my list stands at 22

I am starting out my 90 day kickoff as an official member of Weight Watchers and my stats are as follows:

WEIGHT - 225 lbs.
ANKLES – 9.25 in.
WRISTS – 6.5 in.
THIGHS – 25 in.
BICEPS – 13.5 in.
NECK – 14.75 in.
BELLY – 48 in. (I know….whoa!)
SHOE SIZE - 8, 8.5

PHOTO (to be added tonight or tomorrow)

Now let me ask, how many of you would share this information with the world?  Yup, about 5….that’s what I thought! I’m not ashamed of my measurements though….this is who I am, who I built myself up to be. If I want them to be different, then it’s up to me to reshape my body and my mind, one day at a time.  I’m not afraid to share this information because it is my hope that I will help someone else who may be in the same or similar predicament.  Knowledge is power and believing in yourself is an immeasurable motivator.  Through my challenges and triumphs, I hope someone will be inspired to feel better, do better, be better!

*Progress Report #1 next Thursday