Tuesday, February 16, 2016

POETRY CORNER: Quality Time #mylovelanguage

by Sameialika Tarver 2011

Yes, money makes the world go round
and affords one nice things too
But time with you is what makes my heart pound
without your money, I can do

when dollars just don't make sense
when I'm longing for your touch
I need you to clock in on my shift
to remind me of just how much

You love, adore & appreciate me
that your day is brighter because it includes me
that in your arms is where you like me to be
giving me butterfly kisses oh-so-softly....

Yeah babe, I know
you gotta do what u do
at the end of some days
you need 'me time' too
some nights you may cherish your bed alone
don't wanna DM, text or talk on the phone

All I'm sayin is,
don't take for granted my heart
even though we know it was love from the start
You said it, now show me
your heart is mine
not by buying me gifts but by spending time

Every moment with you
I cherish beyond measure
every memory we make will be treasured forever
so while you're on your grind
makin dollars out of dimes
just keep in mind the bottom line