Friday, June 15, 2012

Sunshine After The Rain....

Life has been pretty gloomy since April 26; the day my heart was irreparably broken by my baby brother’s suicide. Every day is a struggle…..yet it’s also a blessing. It hurts to know that my brother is gone but I am glad that I still have my life, other relatives and friends. Despite the pain, my family and I have been able to find ways to inject some fun, joy and laughter into our daily existences. One blessing we have all enjoyed is the gift of my granddaughter……A’shari, the gran’diva. Not only does she represent life, hope and future for us, but her personality is like a contagious sunburst.

A’shari is inquisitive, intelligent, independent and inviting. She’s quick on her tiny lil’ feet and her pretty miniature hands are fast & sometimes furious (she’s always pulling my hair or my earrings). At just 17 months old (yes, you have to include months, but that is a whole ‘nother post), she poses for pictures without trying to. She has no idea what ‘strike a pose’ means……but she does it every time. She’s a natural (check out her album if you’re a FB friend of mine).

Although A’shari’s vocabulary is very limited, she can ask for what she wants using words……some are spoken in English, others are spoken in Shar’glish. She’s such a girl…..but a tough girl. She loves to bathe and play with her dolls yet she favors her male cousins over the females; she will rumble & tumble with the boys and get right back up without a tear in sight. She loves to dance and she loves music; she actually has a few signature moves and can sing some words from her favorite songs. She’s got a liking for Strawberry Shortcake (‘CakeCake’) but Barney (‘Bodney’) is her boy. She likes what she sees in the mirror and in pictures; she always gives herself kisses & hugs in the mirror and when she sees a photo of herself within her reach, she will carry it around to show it off and kiss it constantly. I can say so much more about my precious gran’diva but I’ll keep it short & sweet. A’shari truly is a wonderful little girl who makes life more enjoyable just by being in it. The past six weeks have been quite stormy for me and my family, but she is our sunshine after the rain……….

Thank God for rainbows and little girls.